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Pre-master's programme


Are you interested in joining the Master’s programme in Civil Engineering and Management or Construction Mangement and Engineering after you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree? If so, you may be required to take a pre-Master’s course. Check the admission requirements to find out whether you are eligible.

What is a pre-master's programme?

The pre-Master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme for higher professional education (HBO) or university education bachelor's programme students of Dutch universities who wish to obtain a university master's degree, but who cannot be admitted directly. Students with an international bachelor degree can only apply directly.  Once you’ve successfully completed the pre-Master's programme, you’ll be granted admission to the Master’s programme in Civil Engineering and Management (CEM) or Construction Management and Engineering (CME).

Pre-master's goal

The pre-Master’s goal is to prepare you for the Master programme of Civil Engineering and Management and Construction Management and Engineering. This means you will be taught various scientific skills and your skills in mathematics will be improved to a higher level. You will also attend several courses related to civil engineering. If you manage to successfully complete the pre-master within one year, you will be able to enroll in one of these two Master's programmes. After obtaining your Master’s degree, you will be a civil engineer capable of combining technical and non-technical aspects of large infrastructural and construction projects.

Start Date

Start date of the pre-Master's programme will be in September. The programme starts on Monday, September 3, 2018 and ends on Friday, February 1, 2019. After finishing you can enter directly in the Master's programme. Students doing a pre-master’s as part of their HBO degree (transferminor) can enter the master in February or September after finishing their HBO Bachelor's programme.

As a HBO student as well as a university student you can start the pre-master's during your bachelor's degree as a minor or after completing your bachelor’s degree.


for hbo students

A pre-Master's programme contains 30 credits.  This is a fulltime study programme of one semester.

Topics which will be treated in this minor:
- Integral design of an area in which traffic management and construction management play an important role;
- Quantitative and policy aspects of water engineering;
- Academic and research skills with a focus on writing a research proposal, conducting research and using it to write a scientific article;
- Calculus A and B;
- Probability Theory and Statistics;
- MatLAB

Course overview:


Course code

Quartile 1:


Calculus A

4 EC


Academic Research Skills

3 EC


Design Project Urban Development

6 EC



2 EC


Quartile 2: 


Calculus B

3 EC


Probability Theory and Statistics

3 EC


Academic Research Skills (continued)

4.5 EC


Water and fluid mechanics

4.5 EC



30 EC

30 EC

for university students

The study workload, or number of EC the pre-master’s programme for Dutch university students consists of, depends on your previous education and will not be the same for everyone. Pre-master’s programmes for Dutch university students range between 10-30 EC.


The pre-Master's programme is in English as is the required literature.


The pre-Master’s programme is designed for students who have the motivation and capacities to obtain an academic degree from an English-taught Master’s programme in Civil Engineering and Management  or Construction Management and Engineering. If you will be eligible for admission to the pre-Master's programme CEM/CME depends on your previous education. Check the transfermatrix to see which master’s programmes are accessible with your bachelor’s programme or contact the pre-master coordinator. You will be admitted to one of both master’s if you complete the pre-master within a year.

Students with an international bachelor degree can only apply directly for the master programme and do not have the possibility to participate in a pre-Master's programme.

More information on admission


For general information requests please contact our Study Information Desk.
For questions regarding the pre-Master's programme contact the pre-Master's coordinator:
Monique Duyvestijn,

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