Department of Civil Engineering

Research to acquire qualitative and quantitative knowledge on the life cycle of civil engineering systems and objects, with a particular focus on the initiative phase, the phase of conceptual or functional design, and the operation and maintenance phase, all in a societal and environmental context. Research concentrates on construction management and engineering (e.g. planning, development, procurement systems and construction engineering) transport studies (e.g. engineering, management and interaction of transport systems) and water engineering and management (physics of marine and fluvial systems and integrated water management).

Research chairs within the department of Civil Engineering:

  • Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance 
  • Climate Change impacts of Coastal Risk
  • Construction Process Integration and ICT 
  • Design, Engineering and Innovation Management 
  • Market Dynamics 
  • Modelling Integrated Water Resources Management 
  • Modelling Water Management and Climate 
  • Multidisciplinary Water Management 
  • Planning and Development 
  • Transport Engineering and Management 
  • Transport Planning 
  • Visualization and simulation in Construction 
  • Water Engineering and Management, in particular Water systems 
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