integrated civil engineering systems

All three research groups of civil engineering participate in the specialisation on integrated civil engineering systems. these three research groups are:

 Examples of research projects that relate to the specialization on integrated civil engineering systems are::

  • Multifunctional flood defenses
  • Projects on Water Footprint,
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Sustainable Building

Construction Management and Engineering

The Construction Management and Engineering research group participates in the Construction Process Management specialization. The group focuses on the following research themes:

  • Area Development
  • Asset Management
  • Design Science 
  • Partnerships in Construction
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainable and Adaptable Building
  • Technological Innovation
  • Visualization and Simulation in Construction.

Transport Engineering and Management

The Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) research group participates in the specialization on Transport Engineering and Management.

CTS research themes are as follows:

  • Strategic planning and sustainable development issues for (urban) transport systems
  • Land use/transport interactions
  • Mobility monitoring and management
  • The application of integrated driver support systems and services.

CTS hosts the AIDA centre of expertise, a cooperation between TNO and the University of Twente. CTS is one of the research groups involved in CTIT and a member of the TRAIL national research school.

Water Engineering & Management

The Water Engineering & Management (WEM) research group participates in the specialization on Water Engineering & Management. The group consists of two chairs: Water Management and Marine & Fluvial Systems. The group’s research is based on the premise that water-related problems such as flooding, water scarcity, pollution and ecological deterioration can only be solved through a multidisciplinary approach, which involves both engineering expertise and expertise derived from the natural, social and policy sciences.

The group pursues three distinct research lines:

  • Natural processes in water systems
  • Integrated multidisciplinary water management
  • Scales, uncertainties and appropriate modelling

WEM is one of the research groups involved in IGS, the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies.

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