To help you choose a Bachelor's programme, the Dutch guide 'Keuzegids' gives you a handy tool.

The 'Keuzegids' provides a clear and objective overview of all bachelors given at Dutch universities, admission requirements and job opportunities. For programmes that perform exceptionally - score 75 points or higher - the guide awards the 'Top rated Programmes'. The scores are based on the opinions of students from the National Student Survey, expert opinions, and numbers on drop-outs and contact hours. The 'Keuzegids' is published every year to help prospective bachelor's students with their choice of a study.

Six Top rated programmes and best Technical University

Six of our bachelor's programmes have been awarded the Top rated programme by the Keuzegids 2020. The guide has also appointed the University of Twente as the 'Best Technical University' of the Netherlands.

Our Bachelor's Top rated programmes

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  • University College Twente (ATLAS)

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This one-of-a-kind, multidisciplinary, English-taught programme integrates social and technical perspectives in a new approach that educates tomorrow’s engineers at Honours level.
  • Applied Physics

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeDutch
    The 3-year Dutch-taught Bachelor’s Applied Physics (Technische Natuurkunde) will equip you to develop fundamental knowledge of physics, converting it into working technologies that impact society.
  • Chemical Science & Engineering

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This three-year English-taught Bachelor’s programme will equip you to understand, design and develop new, sustainable processes, materials and solutions, using chemistry as your starting point.
  • Communication Science

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This 3-year, English-taught Bachelor’s degree deals with communication in the unique context of technology, design and organizations, equipping you to become a 21st-century ‘communication engineer’.
  • Industrial Engineering & Management

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    The 3-year, English-taught Industrial Engineering & Management Bachelor’s teaches you to design, manage and improve business processes, helping organizations perform well in our complex society.
  • International Business Administration

    BSc3 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This 3-year, English-taught programme will prepare you for an international business career, giving you a holistic vision that encompasses products, processes, technology, the environment and people.
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