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University of Twente is a leading international research university in Europe, situated in the Netherlands. We offer an inspiring academic setting for the world’s brightest and most talented minds. Most of our bachelor's programmes are English taught. University College Twente offers the broad honours BSc programme ATLAS built around challenging problems in society. Challenges that require both social and technical perspectives. 

Our university is in The Netherlands, ideally situated in Europe, just about at the heart of the imaginary triangle formed by the three major European capitals of Paris, London, and Berlin. Amsterdam is only two hours away and can easily be reached by taking a train that leaves Enschede central station twice every hour.

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High Tech Human Touch

The University of Twente offers academic programmes and conducts research projects aimed at addressing real societal issues.  Our motto − High Tech Human Touch − serves as an inspiration to our 10,000 enrolled students and 3,200 scientists working alongside professionals in the field.

Academic Excellence

Worldwide there are about 18,000 universities. The University of Twente is one of the leading universities. Ranked among the top 200 research-intensive universities for the sixth year in a row by The Higher Education Ranking (THES), our academic record of excellence is solid. The University of Twente is ranked by divers renominated Rankings. 

World-class research

Scientists around the world acknowledge the value of contributions made by the University of Twente's academic staff and student researchers. The number of published quotes from scientific articles written by our academic staff in recent years exceeds 20,000, ranking the University of Twente among the top 25 of the 250 biggest European universities. Our six research institutes have a world class reputation in many areas, including nanotechnology, biomedical technology, information technology, governance studies, sustainable energies and high-tech systems. Discover a few more top reasons why you might want to apply.


Our safe university campus offers students access to sports facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories, language-learning opportunities and cultural events. In the university’s scientific community all faculties work together to make our multidisciplinary approach bear fruit.

Career opportunities

The University of Twente has maintained close contacts with industry for many years. Many of our 29,000 alumni work and share their talents at companies like Boeing, Ten Cate, Google, Microsoft, Siemens, and Philips. After taking your bachelor and master degrees you can also continue on as a researcher.  In The Netherlands, PhD candidates are appointed to staff positions and earn a monthly salary for four years.

Student entrepreneurs

The University houses over 130 start-up companies on campus. Many of these firms are operated by student entrepreneurs.  As a direct result of their knowing how to take knowledge to the market, there have been 800 spin-off companies to emerge from the University of Twente in the past two decades.

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