Useful tips for parents

How much will it cost for my child to study abroad?

Your child will start studying soon. It marks the start of a new phase, for you as a parent as well.

When deciding on their studies, study seekers most often consult their parents. So how can you discover together where his or her interests lie and which study programmes match these interests? We’ve collected some useful advice for you in the pdf 'Help, my child has to choose a degree!' With this, you can help your child find his or her way in this new, exciting and sometimes difficult process.

The pdf on finances will give you all the ins and outs of the costs of your child’s studies and you can find out more about trends in the international job market in the pdf on job and career opportunities. Download these useful tips for you as a parent.

Tips for parents

For you as a parent/caretaker, it is natural to have all kinds of questions about the choice of study of your child. What are the costs of studying? How can I guide my child in finding the right study? What are the job perspectives after graduation? You can find all answers, tips, and advice in the downloadable whitepapers, specially made for you as a parent of a prospective student. We hope this helps!

Need support? Help is here!

When your child starts studying at UT, the study adviser is his or her first contact person. The study adviser monitors and assesses your child’s study progress. If the study programme turns out to be too difficult or challenging, there are still possible alternatives: a different study approach, or maybe another study programme or type of education.

Do personal circumstances such as illness, psychological problems or a disability hinder the study progress of your child? The Student Affairs, Coaching en Counseling (SACC) team can help to find a suitable form of support. For example, in case of gloom, homesickness, problems with a relationship or fellow student, your child can meet with a student psychologist free of charge. With help of the psychologist, students can also learn to hone their study skills.

Get help choosing a study

What will you study and where? The University of Twente helps you choose! Sign up for one of our orientation events as the Open Days, a Student for a day or an online meet-up with a student.

Visit an (Online) Open Day

One of the options to find out which study and which university is the best match for your child is to attend one of our (Online) Open Days. This way, you get to know our range of bachelor’s and get more information about them during in-depth study sessions.

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Student for a day or online meet-up

Does your child already have a bachelor’s in mind? Follow a Student for a Day experience is an interesting idea! During a regular student day, your child gains first-hand experience of the bachelor’s by tagging along with a student of that bachelor’s. If you do not live near our university, an Online meet-up is also an option.

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Find a house? Start in time!

The campus has more than 2,000 student houses. You can also choose to live in the cities of Enschede and Hengelo.

Start your search in time! If you start too late, you may not have found a place to live when you begin your studies.

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Pre-U is an exciting and challenging educational programme designed specifically for primary and secondary school pupils (pre-university education, VWO in Dutch). Through workshops and masterclasses, your child can delve into science and technology.

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