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Here you can find extensive descriptions of our facilities, equipment, software, services and the different protocols and procedures. You can find the Frequently Asked Questions, and below them all manuals, tutorials, research examples, and more for everything the BMS Lab has to offer!

This section provides you answers to the frequently asked questions related to the BMS Lab services.

  • How soon should I register my project?

    We advise students and researchers to register their projects as soon as they can. In that way, you can ensure that the BMS Lab team has enough time to go through your registration and confirm it and you can proceed with booking the equipment and facilities. 

  • When registering my project, what should I fill in the project description/summary?

    The project summary/description should give an overview of what the project is about. You may use the same or a similar description to the one required for the ethical approval form. However, please be as specific as possible when describing what your needs from the BMS Lab are

  • How can I make use of the lab’s software, equipment or facilities?

    Every use of the lab’s facilities or equipment requires the registration of a project, a reservation for the equipment or lab spaces and approval from the lab’s team. The BMS Lab uses a web form to guide interested parties through the process of registering and approving a project and reserving the needed facilities.

    Please note that the process from receiving the request to the approval of the request can take up to 5 business days and that projects may only start after receiving approval. The facilities of the BMS Lab are available (mostly) for free for students and employees of the BMS faculty of the University of Twente.

  • As a Researcher, how much support can I get from the development team?

    If you are a Student, Professor, or Researcher tied to the University of Twente, the Development Team can consult or provide development time for your 80-hour project or funding project. For more information, please see the get Software Development Support page.

  • Can I use the BMS Lab if I am not part of the BMS faculty or am an external company?

    We love to cooperate with other researchers. We are funded by the university to support the work of BMS faculty staff members and students. In some cases, a non-BMS student can still freely use our facilities. For example, when a student is supervised by a BMS faculty staff member in their research. Furthermore, research or educational activities conducted without the cooperation of the BMS faculty, but that fit within the lab’s scope and focus, can of course inquire about using our facilities. In those cases, there might be a need for financial compensation in exchange for use of the lab’s facilities or expertise for favourable rates for University of Twente personnel and students.

    External companies

    External companies are welcome to do an inquiry. Such inquiries will be evaluated.

    Do you have questions about this subject? Or, are you not part of the BMS faculty and interested in using our equipment, expertise or facilities? Then feel free to contact us.

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