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About us

Between May 29 and June 9 we are closed. Starting June 10 we wll be in Langezijds.

About us

Technology can be a driving force of innovation and inspiration in society. In science, it too can have a great impact and offer great opportunities. In the BMS Lab, We create synergy between technology and the social sciences. We are the catalyst for innovation and the advancement of science.

Contact us

Email us at bmslab@utwente.nl

Call us at +31 53 489 2525

Find us in Cubicus Building (41) B204

The BMS Lab in numbers

Number of projects in the lab in 2023 was 326, in 2022 it was 297Occupancy of the BMS Lab facilities during 2023.Software use at the BMS Lab.Questions answered on TIIM during the years.
Number of research projects done at the BMS Lab.
Occupancy of the BMS Lab facilities during 2023.
During 2023, 821 studies were conducted using research software available at the BMS Lab
In 2023, over 200 000 questions were answered on TIIM.

Our day-to-day

Education transformation: Provide technological resources and support to high education institutions.

Research cooperation: Research facilitation and methodology that includes soft and hardware development.

Science innovation: We pursue new and innovative ways of doing research on social science through high-tech equipment and facilities.

Our culture

Diversity: Our international crew provides new perspectives and drives research towards a diverse future.

Sustainability: Our mind is on the future of social science research and education. We want this future to be compromised with sustainability to ensure a better society.

Curiosity: We promote the creativity of the people that cooperate with us, supporting their unique and innovative ideas and making them a reality.