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The shimmer family of wearable sensors are used to measure different physiological signals in a non-invasive way. Each sensor has its own specialization and use. The BMS Lab currently owns 4 of the different sensors, amongst which are the sensors for heart related measurements, muscle contractions, skin conductance measurements, and inertia and gyroscopic measurements. The BMS Lab offers the Consensys Base together with the software Consenys, so researchers can configure and collect data from several sensors at the same time. 

Shimmer3 for research & education

The Shimmer sensors can be used for collecting and analysing physiological responses. Thus, if you would like to measure how, for example, the skin conductivity or the heart rate changes in response to stimuli, the Shimmer3 is suitable for your research.

Best practices

When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the Shimmer3 for your research:

  • Where Can You Use It?

    After reserving and receiving the sensors, you can use them in the BMS Lab in the lab space designated for physiological studies (the Recognice room). However, if your target population cannot reach the university, you may use them outside of our facilities. 

  • Consensys

    The Shimmer sensors come with software which allows for data capturing and data management. It allows for a simplified experiment configuration. It downloads the latest updates of the firmware and keeps the sensors up-to-date. Moreover, you can configure several Shimmers for an experiment at the same time using the software and automatically save the configuration. For more information about using Consensys check the user manual below. 

Hygiene Protocol

When making use of Shimmer sensors, please follow the standard hygiene procedures recommended by the BMS Lab to ensure that the sensors are clean appropriately and ready for future use.

The Shimmer3 is not waterproof and thus should not be submerged in any liquids when cleaning it. It should be wiped with antiseptic wipes. A fine brush should be used when cleaning the external connector. More detailed information about the appropriate cleaning of the sensors can be found in the manual.

Further support

Getting started with the Shimmer3

  • Step 1

    Register your project and reserve the Shimmer3.

  • Step 2

    If you wish to combine the Shimmer3 with iMotions and EEG, make sure to check the manual for appropriate synchonisation of the EEG, Shimmer3 and iMotions. It is crucial to have a detailed experiment design and be aware of how you would like the stimuli to show and how they will be exposed.

  • Step 3

    Read the manuals and suggested links to learn how to set up and start using the sensors.

Manuals and external links

Want to use the Shimmer3?

Go first through the steps on how to reserve Shimmer3 or go directly to the equipment reservation page if you have already registered your project.