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Experivan Mobile Lab specialty and best practices

Between May 29 and June 9 we are closed. Starting June 10 we wll be in Langezijds.

Facility summary

About the Experivan

In addition to the specialised lab facilities in the Cubicus and Ravelijn building, the BMS Lab also has a Mobile Lab Facility: the Experivan. The Experivan offers researchers a versatile lab space that they can take to their target population.

The van is already set up with a set of 4G antennas that serve as a hotspot for researchers, PC tower and two foldable wall-mounted work stations containing of two monitors, keyboards and mouse. A receiver connected to speakers and a television for displaying audio and video content to participants. A seating area with a table where researchers can sit down with their participants. The van also comes with a retractable roof tent, making it possible for researchers to be able to set up and conduct experiments with their participants both within or outside of the van. 

However, aside from these equipment that are already set up in the Experivan, as a versitile lab space researchers are free to bring their own equipment along, or reserve additional equipment via us for their research. E.g. VR and AR equipment, Eye-tracking, motion and other type of sensors, EEG equipment or recording equipment etc.

Is the Experivan suitable for your research?

When should you use the Experivan?
The Experivan is intended to be used as an on the road lab facility. Researchers can make use of the Experivan when their target groups are unable to come to the location of the research, such as at our on campus facilities. When they want to conduct experiments with hard to reach groups, such as the elderly, prison inmates, young students etc. Or if they wish to have a more naturalistic or random setting. Next to research purposes, the Experivan can also be used for public events that promote the University of Twente and BMS faculty.

When should you not use the Experivan?
Researchers should not use the Experivan if all their participants are able to come to the research location or if the conditions of their experiment does not require the use of the van. The Experivan also comes with more special requirements in comparison to our other facilities, researchers should not reserve the Experivan if they are unable to meet these conditions, read our requirements below.

Requirements to use the Experivan

Researchers and staff at the University of Twente’s BMS faculty can make use of the mobile lab and reserve it using the normal process for reserving facilities and equipment, see below. However, additional requirements apply to use the mobile lab, see the following:

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the requirements, then do not hesitate to contact the BMS Lab team!

Best practices Experivan

The Experivan is a high-tech lab on wheels and as such requires more caution and care than a regular rental car or van. Be sure to read the additional policies and instructions provided to you when picking up the van and in addition to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Drive carefully

    That you drive safe, park neatly and secure both the mobile lab and its equipment throughout its use. It’s not a Fiat 500 that you can scoot around town in and leave unlocked at the grocery store. The van cannot be parked in parking garages, but must be securely parked through other means overnight.

  • Remove data and leave everything as found

    Remove any and all data related to your study and ensure that equipment and the settings of equipment are restored to their original and usable state.

  • Leave the van and equipment cleaned and ready to be re-used

    The Experivan mobile lab and its equipment should be cleaned, recharged and good to go for the next researcher.

  • Return the Experivan clean

    That you hand the van in clean. Inside and outside. Take it through the car wash if it is used more than one day or has become visibly dirty.

  • Refuel the Experivan after use with the 'tank pas'

    The mobile lab should be filled up with Diesel after you’re done using it. Use the “tank pas” (fuel pass) to get Diesel.

  • Read information on how to operate the van

    Read the reference card inside the mobile lab for all needed information.

  • Follow the hygiene protocol

    The below states the hygiene procedures related to persons. For equipment, follow the disinfection procedure for the instrument. 

    1 – Persons

    1.1 – Postpone the study in case of flu, cold or other infection in the trial conductor or subject (V).

    1.2 – Ensure good general body and clothing hygiene during the trial period (V).

    1.3 – The simplest disinfection procedure is hand washing. This should be done, regardless of the use of gloves:

    a – prior to physiological actions (V).
    b – after physiological actions (V).
    c – after using the toilet (V).
    d – after sneezing, coughing or blowing the nose (use paper tissues) (V).
    e – after unexpected contact with blood or other body fluids (V).

    1.4 – It is preferable not to wear rings during examination (V).

    1.5 – Nails should preferably be kept short and clean during the study period (V).

Want to use the Experivan?

First go through the steps on how to reserve our facilities or go directly through our project registration to start the reservation process. If you have already followed these steps, go directly to our booqable page to make a reservation