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How to reserve BMS Lab facilities

Between May 29 and June 9 we are closed. Starting June 10 we wll be in Langezijds.

Reserving a lab facility

The BMS Lab has various specialised lab spaces available for research

Click on the facility names to learn more about them and find out which ones suit your research needs.

To reserve one of these lab spaces, please follow these steps below.

  • Step 1: Register your project
    Follow the project registration procedure on the project registration page:
    Register your project
    You need to register your project first to receive a code to complete reservations of facilities or software and equipment. 

    In certain circumstances this may not be needed, e.g. you are following a course where the professor arranged use of the lab facilities for you. 
  • Step 2: Request Reservation
    Request a reservation of the lab space on our Booqable shop.
    Make your reservation
    Use the project registration code you received to complete this reservation. 
  • Step 3: Read the protocols and procedures
    Before using our lab spaces, please read and comply with our:
    Protocol and procedures
  • Additional resources

    Find more support at the following places:

    Check out our equipment and software list to see if there are any you may require for your research. Further information on equipment can be found in the Info-Hub.

If you need more information on our facilities or want to discuss which lab space can best suit your research and experiment needs, you can always come by our office to consult with us, email us at: bmslab@utwente.nl.

  • We will evaluate your reservation request within 5 working days. During that time you will either get a confirmation of your request having been turned into a reservation or a comment on your request and its inadequacies. 
  • Pick up your equipment or key at the right time and date. Don’t forget your student or employee card!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Can I use the equipment outside of the BMS Lab?

    It is allowed to bring equipment from the BMS Lab with you outside of the lab for research or educational purposes. Do however note that the lab has limited insurance coverage outside of its facilities.

  • What do I need to know about the insurance coverage?

    The lab’s lending and usage conditions specify that the lender is fully responsible and liable for the equipment in their care. In this case it thus also means that the lender is liable for any and all damages. Equipment valued (price when bought new) over 2.000 Euros is therefore not allowed to be taken off campus and in some cases not even outside of the BMS Lab’s facilities. Are you looking to use BMS lab equipment outside of the lab’s facilities in the Cubicus building at the University of Twente campus?

    Is the total value (if bought new) of the equipment under 2.000 Euros? Then indicate your desire to bring it outside of the lab facilities when you register your project on the sign-up page (before you select and reserve your equipment).

    Is the value (when bought new) of the equipment you are looking to use over 2.000 Euros? Then indicate this desire when you register your project. You might as a result:

    • Be limited in your use of or travel with the equipment.
    • Need to insure the equipment for the value of the equipment when bought new.
    • Need to arrange safe and secure storage or return the equipment at the end of each day.
    • Have your request rejected.

    Employees of the University of Twente can often more easily use the equipment outside of the BMS lab’s facilities, as their department can take over the liability.

  • What If I am late in returning or want to extend the renting period of the equipment?

    If you foresee that you need to use the equipment or software for longer than you indicated when lending it, you will need to inform the BMS Lab of this. It is always possible to extend the lending period, however approval of this is dependent on incoming reservations for said equipment. Please come by or send us an email if you wish to extend.

  • How do I check the availability of the equipment or facility?

    Go to the availability check page. Browse through the calendar in the period you are interested and see if your preferred item is already reserved.