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Register your project

The project registration process contains three steps and takes about 15 minutes to complete. 

  1. Create and design your project (research or education)
  2. Complete the project registration process (You are here)
  3. Reserve the facilities, equipment, or software that you need. 
Meet the requirements

Before proceeding with your sign-up, please, create and design your project and ensure that you meet our three main criteria.

First, at the BMS Lab, we work with students and staff members of the University of Twente or those supervised by one. Others can sign-up but require additional steps.

Second, all activities that make use of any form of human participation require the submission of a completed and approved ethical approval form. Educational courses and technical activities (such as tryouts, calibration, development and preparation of experiments) are exempt.

Third, your project needs to fit within our scope. Furthermore, you need to ensure that adequate provisions for safe data storage are used.

Read more about our criteria and exceptions here.

Project registration system

The system helps users navigate the registration process and interact with BMS Lab. It contains a few steps:

  1. Login. You log in using your UT student or employee account or register as an external user. 
  2. Navigate the application. You will see a landing page that offers you the capability to register a project or create a note (question) about a project. If you’ve visited before, then you’ll see projects and notes previously created.
  3. Complete your profile. You can do this by clicking the icon in the top right and entering your affiliation. Please choose your BMS Department or “Other”. In the latter case, you type your affiliation yourself.
  4. Create a registration. Click on “Create new project” to start registering your project. You can save your registration as a draft before you complete and submit it. Fill in all the fields and save the completed form as a draft in order to submit it afterwards (the submit button will appear). Have a question while registering your project? Then click the “Create note” button. Don’t forget to save your draft registration beforehand.
  5. Start reserving. You can reserve the equipment, software or facilities you need by clicking the “Go to reservations” button only after your project has been approved using the received project number.
  6. Evaluation. All project registrations will be assessed on Thursday morning, after which you will receive an evaluation with further instructions. This can either be an approval, a request for refinement, or a rejection of your project registration.


  • How long do I have to wait before my project is approved?

    We usually process a registration within 5 working days. Please keep in mind that the lab is closed on all public holidays, bridge days, and other University of Twente closure days.

  • What if my project was declined?

    In some cases (e.g. when requirements are not met or the project does not fit the lab or its schedule), a project might be rejected.

  • What do I do if I need to change my project registration?

    We usually process a registration within 5 working days. Please keep in mind that the lab is closed on all public holidays, bridge days, and other University of Twente closure days.

  • Where do I find answers provided to my questions (notes) in the project registration system?

    Login to the project registration system and click on “Notes” in the sidebar. You can apply different filters to find the note you need. You will see a history of the interactions with the BMS Lab underneath the original note.

  • I cannot submit my project registration. What now?

    In some cases submitting a project might not be possible because the “Submit” button does not appear. There are generally two solutions:

    1. Verify that you have filled in all the fields of the form and that the status of your project at the BMS Ethics Commission is accepted. Fill in any missing fields or wait for the Ethics Commissions to approve your project.

    2. You’ll have to reopen the draft registration: Save your draft. Click on the icon on the top left to go back to the dashboard. Go to the overview of the project by clicking “Projects” in the sidebar. You might need to change the filter in the overview to view projects that are still in draft. You can then continue editing your project by clicking the “open book” icon. A submit button should appear.

    Can’t get it to work? Create a note about the project.

  • How can I reserve equipment, facilities or software?

    After completing the project registration, you can go to our reservation page. There will be a button on the main page of the registration system. We only accept reservations for approved projects. Picking up reserved equipment is only possible between 09:00 and 10:00. If you’d like to pick up the equipment at another time, please inquire the lab. You will be informed by email about the follow-up process after your reservation has been approved.

  • I am unable to return the equipment at the specified time.

    We have a special procedure available for people who are unable to return the equipment lent from the BMS Lab. 

    Equipment lent from the BMS Lab should be returned within the allotted timeslots. If this is not possible for you, then you can leave it in one of the specially assigned red lockers. Find the lockers in the Cubicus building on the 2nd floor in the Student Lounge near room B203. Follow the following steps:

    1. Find the block of red lockers in the Cubicus building within the Student Lounge on the second floor next to room B203 (See map below).
    2. Check the instructions on how to use them on the inside of the locker door.
    3. Store the items in the locker and lock them with a unique and strong code(!).
    4. Use the form below to inform us how to collect the equipment.

    Please note: The equipment remains your responsibility and liability until the equipment has been retrieved from the locker and checked by the BMS Lab. Items that do not fit in a locker cannot be returned using this procedure.