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Avicenna Research (former Data Ethica)

Between May 29 and June 9 we are closed. Starting June 10 we wll be in Langezijds.

Avicenna ( former Data Ethica) allows you to design studies (questionnaires) and perform both short-term and longitudinal studies. Using Avicenna is free of charge for BMS faculty students and employees if they already have registered their use of Avicenna through the designated procedure. No new access is given to the software. Instead of using Avicenna, the BMS Lab recommends the TIIM app, unless the ESM research is very lenghty or if interaction effects are expected between different subjects participating in the same study.

The BMS Lab is not able to provide support for Avicenna usage and as such its involvement goes no further than registering your study under our license. Avicenna’s support is limited as well as part of our license agreement. 

Further support 

Link to Avicenna website