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The Furhat is a social robot that can speak different languages and have many looks. The robot has a microphone so that it can interact with humans and hold a conversation.

For research and education

The Furhat is used for job interviews, for example in the HR department and when hiring employees. In addition, it is used in the study of biases, as the robot can speak 35 languages and can belong to different ethnic groups. Students interested in human-robot interaction can use the device for this research.

Example thesis

An example of how students have worked with the Furhat can be found in the following thesis

Best practices

When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the Furhat for your research:

  • Where can you use it?

    The Furhat can be used both inside and outside our BMS lab facilities. When used outside the laboratory, it is important that it is not exposed to loud noises or light so as not to impair its functionality.

Using Furhat

Hygiene Protocol

When using Furhat, please follow the standard hygiene procedures recommended by the BMS Laboratory to ensure that the robot is cleaned and ready for future use.

Further support

Getting started with the Furhat

After receiving furhat, you can begin setting up:

  • Step 1

    Plug the power cable to the Furhat as well as the round microphone. Press the small round button to turn the Furhat on.

  • Step 2

    Once the Furhat is on, press the round rotary button to view the menu. You can navigate the menu by turning the round button. 

    Check if the robot is connected to the internet. You can connect it by WIFI or using UTP cable. 

    If it is connected properly, an IP address will appear.

  • Step 3

    Enter the IP address to your browser to enter Furhat Studio. Make sure that your device and the Furhat are connected to the same network.

    The default password for Furhat Studio is admin.

  • Step 4

    On Furhat studio you can set up the Furhat to look in different ways, speak different languages and voices and change it's expression. You can also view what the Furhat sees through the camera.

    In addition, you can check out the skills library. The two furhats available at the BMS Lab are both connected to OpenAI Chat GPT. You can play the skills from the library or type out text in the Wizzard section of the menu.

    In the settings you can further customise it to fit your research best.

After receiving the Furhat that you reserved, there are a few guides you will need to get famil to get started.


  • Furhat Microphone is not registering voices. What now?

    When the microphone does register the voice of the one talking to it, there are several things that can be tried:

    • Adjust the sensivitity of the microphone in Furhat studio
    • Consider the surroundings: if there are too many people around or if it is too loud, Furhat cannot register the voices
    • Try to unplug it and plug it again.

    If the issues are persistant, please let us know.

Want to use Furhat?

Go first through the steps on how to reserve Furhat or go directly to the equipment reservation page if you have already registered your project.