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The equipment that the BMS Lab provides centres around several overarching themes: social robotics, extended reality,  eye-tracking, EEG, sensors and wearables. Besides the aforementioned categories, more equipment is available. You can see all of our equipment on our Booqable shop by clicking the button below. In addition, The BMS Lab's canvas page provides resources and tutorials for the use of the equipment, and our Infohub contains manuals, best practices and example research per category of equipment.

Please note that pick-ups and returns can be done every weekday between 09:00 and 10:00 in Langezijds 1501.

Or, if you have not registered your project yet, do this first and follow these steps to learn how to reserve our equipment


A person having a conversation with the social robot.
Social robotics: Furhat

Interested in studying interactions between humans and robots? At the BMS Lab, you can find the social robot- Furhat. With Furhat, you can study such interactions and adapt the Furhat according to your needs: whether you need the social robot to speak a different language or look a specific age, gender or ethnicity. 

Person using virtual reality with the driving simulator.
Extended reality (XR)

The BMS Lab has an extensive catalogue of VR and AR equipment available for lending. Whether you need Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift-S, or HTC Varjo for your virtual reality research or the Hololens for augmented reality, you can find them at the BMS Lab. In addition, Virtual Reality may be used with or without the driving simulator, the Virtualiser, or other equipment, both at the lab or outside, depending on your needs.

Person using Tobii 2 glasses with a phone.

The BMS Lab has acquired several eye trackers that can be used for diverse studies. You may choose between the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 or 3 or the Tobii 4C, depending on your experiment's needs. The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and 3 have prescription sets and additional accessories.

Researcher conducting an experiment with EEG.

Interested in studying brain activity? The BMS Lab can provide you with, amongst others, several EEG caps and sets or the Artinis Brite 24 fNIRS. In addition, you may combine the EEG set with Shimmer sensors to further collect data on skin conductance or heart rate. 

Person wearking Empatica E4 while cycling.
Sensors and wearables

Heart rate, blood pressure, PO2, or skin conductance measurements can be collected using diverse sensors or wearables. The BMS Lab can provide you with the Empatica E4, Libelium MySignals, or several types of fitness trackers such as Fitbit. In case you need motion capture technology, you can always make use of the Xsens MNV Biomech with Dongle and the analyser.

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