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The XSens MVN Biomech is a portable full-body motion capture system that can be used for 3D animation or virtual reality training and simulation. The system’s accurate and low-latency data transmission also makes it suitable for other fields of human-machine interaction such as biomechanics. To use it, the motion trackers are placed at several locations on the body and wirelessly connected to a computer via an Awinda dongle that synchronises all data from the sensors. Then, a software called MVN Analyse/Animate can be used to live-stream and record body movement, as well as export the recordings to other programs such as Unity or Unreal Engine. The XSens MVN Biomech system can be used anywhere independent of light conditions and offers easy-to-use, and precise real-time kinematic data.

For reserach and education

In the video, you can see the experiences of people in the BMS Lab who have already experienced the Xsens.


When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the Xsens for your research:

  • Where Can You Use It?

    After reserving and receiving the sensors, you can use them in the BMS Lab in the lab space designated for physiological studies (the Recognice room). However, if your target population cannot reach the university, you may use Xsens outside of our facilities. 

Getting started with Xsens

When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the Xsens for your research:

  • Step 1

    Download the MVN Animate/Analyse software.

  • Step 2

    Connect the Awinda dongle to the computer.

  • Step 3

    Turn on the motion trackers by pressing the button until the light begins to flash.

  • Step 4

    Place straps on the body (hands, head, pelvis, sternum, upper leg, lower leg, feet, shoulders, upper arms, forearms).

  • Step 5

    Create a new recording session in MVN Animate/Analyse

  • Step 6

    Record body movements (file is saved automatically).

  • Step 7

    Open the file in MVN Animate/Analyse to preview and edit it.

  • Step 8

    Export to .fbx file format (premium version needed) to use it in other programs (e.g., IClone8).


Go first through the steps on how to reserve the Xsens or go directly to the equipment reservation page if you have already registered your project.