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Hololens 2 for research and education

One of the newest equipments in the BMS Lab is the Microsoft HoloLens 2. This brings a whole new experience of AR to studies in our lab. 

In the video, you can see the experiences of people in the BMS Lab who have already experienced the HoloLens.

Best practice

When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the HoloLens 2 for your research:

  • Where can you use it?

    The HoloLens can be used both inside and outside our BMS lab facilities. When used outside the lab, it is important not to disturb the device with loud noises or light so as not to interfere with its function.

  • Hygiene Protocol

    The general hygiene information of the BMS Lab is supplemented by further hygiene requirements for the use of the HoloLens.

    When lending this equipment, you will also receive cleansing wipes along with face masks to be used with the headset. In general you will need to clean the lenses and rim with the (non alcoholic) wipes after using it or when it’s dirty during the period that you are using it. However, if multiple people will be making use of the headset e.g. group work, or especially when collecting data from participants, you are required to have each participant make use of the headset face mask and clean the device with the wipes after every use.

Further support

Getting started with the HoloLens 2 

After receiving the HoloLens 2 that you reserved, there are a few guides you will need to take to get started.

Want to use the Hololens?

Go first through the steps on how to reserve Hololens or go directly to the equipment reservation page if you have already registered your project.