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Electroencephalography (EEG)

Between May 29 and June 9 we are closed. Starting June 10 we wll be in Langezijds.

EEG records electrical activity and brain waves using electrodes placed on the scalp. For faster application, EEG electrodes are mounted in elastic caps, meshes or rigid grids, ensuring that the data can be collected from identical scalp positions across sessions or respondents. It is a non-expensive, non-invasive and completely passive recording technique.

The most central benefit of EEG is its excellent time resolution, making EEG an ideal technology to study the precise time-course of cognitive and emotional processing underlying behaviour.

At the BMS Lab, the actiCHamp EEG set is available for creating EEG recordings using connectors applied to a cap that sits upon a layer of conductive gel on the head of the participant. 

EEG for research & education

EEG is commonly used for studying cognitive or emotional processing underlying behaviors. For instance, it has been used to study changes in consumer behavior. Additionally, the EEG actiCHamp set can be used in combination with other equipment. For example, it can be combined with the Shimmer3 GSR+ sensors or their measurements.

In the video, you can see the experiences of people in the BMS lab who have already experienced the EEG.

Best practices

When handling the equipment, keep the following points in mind before using the EEG actiCHamp set for your research:

  • Where Can You Use It?

    The EEG actiCHamp set can be used within the BMS Lab, in the Recognice room or it can be used outside of the lab’s premises depending on the needs of your experiment and the abilities of the participants.

  • Combining EEG With IMotions And Shimmer Sensors

    It is possible to combine EEG with iMotions and Shimmer. However, you will need to pay a lot of attention to the experiment design since the stimuli need to be well defined. To ensure appropriate synchonisation of the EEG, iMotions and Shimmer you can read the manual.

Hygiene protocol

In addition to the general hygiene information provided, the EEG manual has detailed description of the cleaning procedure for the electrodes and cap. 

Further support

Getting Started With The EEG ActiCHamp Set

  • Step 1

    Register your study and reserve the EEG ActiCHamp set and the Recognice room. If you wish to combine EEG with other pieces of equipment, such as sensors, make sure you reserve the sensors as well.

  • Step 2

    Read the manuals and suggested links to learn how to set up and start using the set.

Manuals And External Links 

Want to use the eeg Actichamp set?

Go first through the steps on how to reserve EEG ACTICHAMP or go directly to the equipment reservation page if you have already registered your project.