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As an academic field in its own right, nanotechnology has only come to fruition within the past 20 years. Thus, it is a relatively new academic field with endless potential. Some of this potential has already been proven substantially in the fields of health, sustainability and ITC, but there is still so much to explore. That’s why this Master’s in Nanotechnology has a strong research component. You might find new ways of application that have not been discovered yet!

The close ties this Master’s has with the MESA+ institute enables you to discover the full potential of nanoscience and nanoengineering. You get access to the NanoLab cleanroom, which is one of the largest ones in Europe and you follow lectures of top professors that are part of MESA+. On top of that, you finish your Master’s with your final master’s project. You execute this research project at one of the research groups related to MESA+.

research groups

Below you find a list of research groups related to MESA+, categorised into different research areas.

Besides the research groups mentioned above, there are more groups connected to the MESA+ institute. Below you can find a list of all groups that are connected to the institute:

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