Nanobiophysics group (NBP)

Nanobiophysics (NBP) is a multidisciplinary research group operating at the interfaces of physicschemistrybiology, and medicine. We are an international team of enthusiastic and committed researchers, aspiring to top-level biophysics research. Nanobiophysics participates in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the Technical Medical Center.

Research mission: perform world-class research in molecular and cellular biophysics at the nanometer scale.

The Nanobiophysics group is particularly interested in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease related protein aggregation, in molecular interactions on cell surfaces, and in the emerging field of nanobiophotonics. We develop cutting-edge technologies to address these challenging research questions, and are particularly fascinated by the interface of nanotechnology and biology.

We are passionate about providing excellent education within Bachelor and Master programs in Advanced Technology, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Nanotechnology, and Technical Medicine. We have a range of challenging project assignments available to suit students from different academic backgrounds.