Computational Chemical Physics group (CCP)

We are a computational group focusing on the theory and simulation of physical phenomena which span wide spatial and dynamical scales, from photoexcitations of electrons to the dynamics of structure formation of biomolecular systems. Our methodology ranges from electronic structure theory and quantum Monte Carlo approaches to coarse grain molecular and Brownian dynamics. Using similar methods, we also investigate the flow properties of soft matter. Our activities encompass both practical problems and the development of novel computational methods when needed.

The group is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology and its research is embedded in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the Twente Center for Scientific Computing.


1 June 2020
A warm welcome to Dr. Linn Leppert who has joined CCP as new staff member! She and her group are focusing on many-body Green's function-based perturbation theory approaches and are interested in complex energy systems.