Bioelectronics research group (BE)

Welcome to Bioelectronics, part of the MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology and of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. We are an internationally oriented group aiming to enhance the fundamental understanding of electrostatics and electron transfer in liquid and across the liquid/solid interface, and to explore new concepts for applied fluidic devices based on this new understanding.  

The group was renamed in 2018 from Nanoionics to emphasize our links to other Soft Matter groups that include Nanobiophysics and Physics of Complex Fluids as well as to better reflect our increasingly sharp focus on the so-called signal transduction problem: how to convert information about macromolecules in a complex fluid directly into electrical signals suitable for integration with modern electronics. 

Recent and current research topics include for example electrochemical detection of single molecules in nanofluidic devices, high frequency CMOS-based nanosensors, self-assembly driven by nanobubbles, electrochemical scanning probe methods and intrinsically conducting polymers.

Our experimental tools, which are largely dictated by the intrinsic nanometer scale of the systems that we study, include scanning probes, highly sensitive electronics, and lithography-based microfabrication.