Welcome to Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials (PIN)

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We develop and characterize quantum materials with the aim to tailor and control correlated electron phenomena and charge transporT

The PIN-group is led by Prof. Harold Zandvliet and the research field involves controlled preparation and understanding of interfaces, low-dimensional (nano)structures and nanomaterials. We focus on (device) applications, ranging from low-energy nanoelectronics to functionalized interfaces.

Our research interest is driven by the fact that on a nanometer length scale the material properties depend on size, shape and dimensionality. A key challenge of our research activities is to obtain control over the properties in such a way that we are able to tailor the properties for (device) applications, ranging from nano/micro-electronics, nano-electromechanical systems and wettability to sustainable energy related issues.

Advances in nanotechnology and nanoscience are mainly driven by new materials including two-dimensional materials and (twisted) stacks thereof, new functionalities of known materials, and novel device architectures. We are particularly interested in quantum phenomena of these condensed matter systems. Amongst others we study how topology can be utilized to realize dissipation-less electronic transport.