Welcome to Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials (PIN)

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We develop, characterize, and tailor quantum materials and functionalized interfaces to address societal challenges in energy and Sustainability

The PIN-group is led by Prof. Harold Zandvliet and the research field involves controlled preparation and understanding of interfaces, low-dimensional (nano)structures and nanomaterials. We focus on (device) applications, ranging from low-energy nanoelectronics to functionalized interfaces.

ENERGY: Recent breakthroughs in condensed matter physics are mainly driven by new insights and developments in emerging contemporary research fields (e.g., topology), new materials, and novel device architectures. Our primary interest lies in two-dimensional quantum materials, a groundbreaking class of materials that introduces unprecedented opportunities (e.g., quantum and topological excitations, twistronics, valley-electronics) for pioneering the next generation of electronic devices. We are especially focused on topological insulators for their potential to achieve electronic transport without losing energy (dissipationless), the holy grail for low-energy applications.

SUSTAINABILITY: In our pursuit of sustainability, we prioritize the integration of quantum materials into novel technologies and the optimization of existing technologies in an eco-friendly manner. A leading example of this approach is our advancements in printing electronics utilizing 2D materials. This initiative is part of a broader focus on optimizing technologies through the functionalization of surfaces and interfaces. Through optimization of the tribo-electric charging and tailoring of the wettability of surfaces, functional surfaces are created driven by its application potential in energy harvesting, conversion, and emission control technologies. Additionally, our efforts include exploring the sustainable interaction between environmentally friendly water-based inks and substrates, including those involving nanoparticles or flakes.