Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies (STəPS)

Innovations in science and technology involve expectations of economic profit, concerns about social impact, and challenges for regulatory governance. Genomics, nanotechnology and e-health are examples of fields of technology that mobilize interests and stir debate among many diverse actors.

The Department of Science, Technology, and Policy Studies (STePS) takes the assessment and governance of innovations and emerging technologies as its central theme of teaching and research. STePS considers in particular strategic issues that are multidisciplinary: they involve developments in science, technology, politics and society, as well as interaction between them. Studies conducted within STəPS link analytical and normative perspectives, and consider not only technological innovations but also innovations in governance.

What we do
Stefan Kuhlmann

STEPS Mission Statement 

Andreas Weber

CuriousU Summer school Governance and Ethics of Technology

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Stefan Kuhlmann and Gonzalo Ordonez

STEPS Research Evaluation Course

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