The NanoElectronics Group (NE) performs research and provides education in the field of nanoelectronics, comprising the study of the electronic and magnetic properties of systems with critical dimensions in the nanoregime. It is our mission to excel in the field of nanoelectronics through the development of novel (concepts for) electronic devices and systems with nanoscale dimensions for application in future generations of electronics and information storage. In particular, we focus on neuromorphic electronics, quantum (spin) electronics, 2D electronic systems and acousto-electronics.

Our vision is that nanoelectronics will play an increasingly important role in future information technology. With the emerging challenges in conventional electronics, in particular miniaturization and energy consumption, there will be need for alternative, disruptive device concepts and architectures. We expect that nanoelectronics will have big impact throughout society, and we especially foresee contributions to sustainability, healthcare and security.

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“BRAINS director Prof. Wilfred van der Wiel guides Dutch former footballer, writer, columnist, and TV personality Jan Mulder through the Twente Nanolab, and explains how the chips developed in the BRAINS center could help him on his quest for eternal life.”