Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics

Chair: Prof.dr. Marcelo Ackermann

The XUV Optics Group  in a nutshell:

(part of MESA+ Institute and the research clusters of the department of Science and Technology:  cluster Nano Electronic Materials and the cluster Applied NanoPhotonics)

  • an enthusiastic team of academic and engineering specialists focusing on advanced thin film research with atomic scale physics and chemistry topics,
  • possessing key expertise on nanoscale film physics and the design and engineering of new XUV and soft X-ray optics,
  • primarily focused on performing PhD research of excellent quality, reported in leading science journals,
  • exploiting a 500 m2 laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation for thin film deposition and analysis, meeting highest process standards,
  • motivated by academic and industrial applications in photolithography, materials analysis, space telescopes and microscopy,
  • proud of a track record of transferring know-how to industry and society,
  • closely involved with high-tech research and development at ASML Research, Carl Zeiss SMT, Malvern Panalytical, TNO and SolMateS.


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