Welcome to SACS

The SACS cluster of the Department of Applied Mathematics focusses on Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science, both in teaching as well as in research.

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SACS is contributing to NDNS+, one of the four mathematics clusters in the Netherlands. Our work is part of the JM Burgers Center for Fluid Mechanics and the DISC research school on Systems and Control. We are active partners of 4TU.AMI, the Applied Mathematics Institute of the three Universities of Technology and University of Wageningen, and of PWN, the Netherlands Mathematics Platform.

SACS researchers are involved in multidisciplinary research as organized by the University of Twente Institutes CTIT, MIRA and MESA+, dedicated to Information Technology, Biomedical technology and Nanotechnology, respectively. SACS is composed of four chairs dedicated to

  • AA: Applied Analysis
  • HS: Hybrid Systems
  • MACS: Mathematics of Computational Sciences
  • MMS: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation

SACS works on systems of ordinary and partial differential equations, motivated by applications in physics, engineering and life sciences. Developments to the mathematical understanding and analysis as well as to computational modeling and simulation of these models are cornerstones of the research at SACS.

Our teaching program prepares students for working in academia and in industry, strengthened by our unique emphasis on a close multidisciplinary collaboration.

Highlight applications of our work are in neuroscience, medical imaging, advanced tracking, fluid mechanics and optics.