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Roderik Kuin

After the Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical Engineering it was a logical step for me to choose for the subsequent Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering.

The Bachelor’s was a good preparation, it taught me all I needed to know to continue. The Master’s has challenging courses on a wide range of subjects. During my Bachelor’s I discovered my interest in fluids, therefore I have chosen the specialization Engineering Fluid Dynamics. The university is surrounded by a lot of high-tech companies. That gives students numerous job and internship opportunities, both on and off the campus. I am about to start my internship in Fluid Dynamics in Brazil. A great opportunity to learn more about the field and it is also exciting to see this in the context of another culture.

What I like most about the University of Twente is the fact that it is a campus university. You meet and interact with all sorts of people with different backgrounds and different forms of pre-education. This interaction gives you a broader view, and that experience helps when solving problems that you encounter. It also supports in developing and recognizing your own interests. If you would like to develop yourself personally and as an engineer, the University of Twente is a great place to be!

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