Programme Structure

Why Health Sciences at the UT?

Focus on health and technology

At the University of Twente ‘health’ is a major theme. Across various disciplines, our staff and students engage with current challenges in healthcare on a day-to-day basis. The main objective is always to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. By combining inspiring education, international and practically oriented research, an entrepreneurial attitude and integrative collaboration, the University of Twente effectively contributes to changes in healthcare.

We also make sure daily practice in healthcare is integrated in and across our health-related programmes. For instance, the programmes Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences and Technical Medicine complement and reinforce each other. Where students of Technical Medicine learn how to treat patients, students of Biomedical Engineering learn to develop new technologies for healthcare. Then it is up to the Health Scientists to analyse challenges in health from different perspectives and to design, implement and evaluate solutions.

Acquire relevant skills

The University of Twente will prepare you to be the health scientist of the future: a professional capable of evaluating new developments in healthcare and implementing them effectively. You will acquire skills and expertise that give you a real edge on the job market.

Work with leading researchers and scientists

During this Master’s programme you will have the opportunity to work with renowned researchers and scientists. You may also work in one of our research institutes, for example, the MIRA institute for Biomedical Technology & Technical Medicine.

Small group teaching

Like many programmes at the UT, this Master’s has the lowest student-teacher ratio of all similar programmes in the Netherlands. This give you distinct advantages, such as more personal attention and guidance. And you will benefit from a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Pioneering and agenda-setting healthcare education

Healthcare is in constant motion. The healthcare programmes at the University of Twente provide pioneering and agenda-setting education aimed at preparing students for a career in this sector. Students are trained to implement innovative and relevant healthcare improvements in today’s unpredictable, complex and globalized world. In order to achieve this, the education focuses not only on providing students with the knowledge and skills in their field of study, but also on developing a broader range of ‘21st century’ skills and personal qualities. Read more about it in the educational vision of the health education programmes of the University of Twente.

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