Technical Medical Centre

Improving healthcare by personalized technology

The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre is a leading Innovation Hub impacting healthcare by excellent Research, Innovation and Educational programs. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research labs, preclinical testbeds and simulated hospital environments.

In our mission to impact society, we stimulate entrepreneurship and enable (new) companies to grow within our regional Novel-T ecosystem, and collaborate with industry, hospitals, governments and insurance agencies on the development of new solutions for healthcare.

Facts & figures about the University of Twente and healthcare

  • We educate 1500 students in our TechMed BSc & TechMed MSc programmes
  • We annually train 500 healthcare professionals by Life Long Learning
  • We have 400 fte scientific staff
  • 40% of the University of Twente’s funded scientific projects focus on Healthcare
  • 50% of the University of Twente’s recent spin-off companies are dedicated to Healthcare
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Modern engineering based educational programmes covering the healthcare value chain and addressing societal needs, delivering future professionals needed for innovation in healthcare.

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Research & Development

Excellence in interdisciplinary translational research in the fields of translational physiology, bioengineering technology, biomedical imaging, bio robotics and health sciences, delivering knowhow & personalised technology for early diagnosis and targeted treatment of diseases and an improved independency of patients.

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Innovation & Collaboration

The Technical Medical Centre is a leading Innovation Hub that stimulates the development and implementation of technology for better healthcare. 

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Facility sharing

The TechMed Centre has state-of-the-art infrastructure to support its research and education. Facility sharing is actively encouraged both within and outside of the university (both hospitals and the medtech industry/SME’s).

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