Health Sciences

Master’s programme

Healthcare is facing interesting challenges, such as rising costs, technical innovations, market influences and an ageing population. How do we keep healthcare affordable, efficient and optimized for individuals? What can patients themselves contribute? Would an innovative treatment be better, safer and faster than a conventional one? How do you decide? These are the sort of questions you will deal with during the Master’s programme Health Sciences.

Early health technology assessment and innovation

During this programme you will learn to analyse healthcare from different perspectives. You will use different methods and models to analyse current challenges in healthcare at an early stage. You will learn about health and illness, organization and policy, technology and research methodologies. Once you have a good overview of the whole healthcare process, you can start to develop, implement and evaluate improvements. With the use of health technology and an engineering approach you will be able to really add value to the sector.

Programme structure

The Master’s in Health Sciences is a one-year programme consisting of 60 credits. The programme is taught entirely in English and you can start each year in September. At the start of the programme you will learn all about methods and models for early health technology assessment. Then you can specialize in the quality of care for individual patients, organizational processes  or the effects of policy on healthcare nationwide . This involves choosing one of our three specializations: 

You will finish your programme with a Master’s assignment, in which you write a thesis related to a research topic.

Right for you?

Do you want to develop an academic approach that allows you to combine people, systems, organization and technology? Would you like to predict trends in healthcare, or to optimize policy, management and healthcare procedures? If so, Health Sciences at the University of Twente is the perfect choice for you. This programme will equip you to really add value to the sector. You will become an expert in assessing and implementing high-tech innovations in healthcare and designing strategies for optimizing healthcare structures.

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