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Name: Nancy Zhang

Master's: Chemical Engineering

Specialisation: Chemical & Process Engineering

Bachelor's: Molecular Science & Technology (at Delft University of Technology)

'I wanted to know more about chemical processes'

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular science and technology from Delft University of Technology. This was a combination between University of Leiden and TU Delft; Chemistry and Process Technology. During different projects in my Bachelor's, I found out that I was not really interested in radiation or materials (on molecular basis) and I wanted to know more about chemical processes, so I chose the specialisation Chemical Process & Engineering.

Close contact

I decided to study at the University of Twente because I wanted to experience what it is like to study in a different environment with different people without going abroad. During my bachelor's I have heard that the University keeps optimising the educational quality at a high level and that the teachers and students have close contact. I went to the open days of University of Twente to meet people and to see the environment, especially the campus. The students and teachers were very helpful and gave me a warm welcome, which eventually influenced my decision to join the University of Twente.

The students and teachers were very helpful and gave me a warm welcome

Nancy Zhang


One of the most interesting projects in which I have participated is Process Plant Design. With a team of four students, we worked out a company case. Strict planning and tight deadlines pushed us to the limits. This course teaches you how to elaborate on a major project in a structured way. It was a very good opportunity to apply your knowledge and to learn how to collaborate with company stakeholders, teachers and your team.

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