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Wouter Post

Wouter received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Twente and is now studying for his Master’s. He chose the Molecules and Materials specialization. He’s not sure about his future plans, but he’s thinking about searching for a PhD position at a university, or applying for a job at an R&D department of one of the many chemical companies that are located in the Netherlands.

I chose this Master’s because it gives me the opportunity to focus completely on studying the design and development of new materials. The unique setting of the University of Twente appealed to me. The campus looked amazing and I was very enthusiastic about the many sports facilities on site. When studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, you are guaranteed a proper education that is highly regarded both in the academic world and by the chemical industry.

During my internship at the R&D department of Teijin Aramid BV, I performed an experiment on modifying the surface of a specific material produced by that company. I was stunned to see that the properties of the material were modified to an even greater extent than I expected beforehand. Recently I heard that the company is still working on the further development of the material that I originally produced.

I would like to advise every student of Chemical Engineering to enjoy your university days as much as you can and to learn as much as possible. Also, get in contact with your fellow students since they will be your future colleagues. The world of Chemical Engineering is a relatively small one, after all.

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