Thomas Brouwer

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Thomas Brouwer

Hi, my name is Thomas. Currently I am doing the Chemical Engineering Master, more precisely the Chemical & Process Engineering specialization. Before the master I finished the Bachelor Chemical Engineering in Enschede.

The campus is literally as far as the eye can see

At the time (2009) I chose to go to the University of Twente for a couple of reasons. First of all the campus concept appealed to me. The campus was not only concrete as far as the eye can see, but full of open places and nature. Coming from a small village, this was a huge “thumbs up”. Secondly each cohort of the bachelor Chemical Engineering was relatively small, so everybody known each other and the informal atmosphere is just great. Third and lastly, the field of study is very interesting, versatile and Chemical Engineering student are high in demand in the industry.

I wouldn’t dream of doing my master at a different university

Doing the Bachelor Chemical Engineering you still study a huge amount of different things, from membranes to computational fluid dynamics for instance. Making a very generalized categorization, you can go either to the materials side or the process side. Over the years I found that I am good in the process side. It is more interesting for me and for that reason I choice to do the Chemical & Process Engineering track. For the record I wouldn’t dream of doing my master at a different university or doing a master in another field of study.

It combines all aspects of process engineering

The biggest project of the Chemical & Process Engineering master is PPD, which stands for Process Plant Design. This is a huge undertaking and combines all aspects of process engineering. We did this in a group of 4 people and the assignment was very short: make from acetic acid and benzene -> acetophenone. This is an intermediate in the production of styrene. With only that information we research the properties of the chemicals, current processes, kinetics, thermodynamic, economics, etc. After various conceptual process designs, we simulated a huge process in which we produced acetophenone. This assignment was from a chemical company and in the end the company was very excited, because our solution could actually work and make a profit. We presented our process on the Netherlands Process Technology Symposium (NPS14) and currently one of our group members is doing his master thesis in further detailed study of this process.

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