Mariël Elshof, student chemical engineering 

Hi, my name is Mariël and I’m studying Chemical Engineering.

I decided to choose the Molecules and Materials Engineering track, because I am very interested in how materials are made, where they consist of and how we can tune their properties regarding the application. This Master's programme gives me the opportunity to understand materials on a molecular basis. With this knowledge we can design and develop new materials or improve existing materials. I think that it makes us able to work on a better, safer and cleaner world, which is very important for me.

Great atmosphere and a beautiful campus

Before my Master’s in Chemical Engineering I followed the Bachelor’s programme Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. I decided to study at the University of Twente because of the great atmosphere and the beautiful campus. Everyone is really relaxed, nice and open. Also the city appealed to me, it is very cosy, but not as big and busy as some other cities. Besides that, the education itself is very good and future possibilities are endless. On top of that, the student-for-a-day – day showed me that the study association gives you a lot of opportunities, fun and help where needed. It creates a kind of family and I felt immediately welcome.

I especially liked the cohesion between several courses

One of the courses I liked the most was Organic Materials Science. In this course we learned about the enormous variations in physical properties of organic materials as a result of the different existing molecular structures and about how to affect them. Organic materials and their structure-property relations discussed were among others polymers, liquid crystals, dendrimers, hydrogels and carbon allotropes. I especially liked the cohesion between several courses. We used for example the knowledge obtained in this course and other courses to understand our experiments during the lab course Project Organic Materials.

Great opportunity to study abroad

At the moment I am doing my internship at CSIRO Clayton, which is a big research organisation in Australia. I am working on the embedding of metal-organic framework encapsulated enzymes into a gel. Doing my internship in Australia is a great opportunity to study abroad and get to know the work culture in a different country. You are able to explore what a future job could possibly look like. I really like my project because I get the opportunity to work on a subject that I haven't worked on before. This makes it challenging, gives me a lot of new knowledge and I can be part of hopefully breakthrough research

Nancy Zhang, student chemical engineering 

Hi my name is Nancy. I am studying Master’s of Chemical Engineering and I chose the Chemical Process and Engineering specialization.


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular science and technology from Delft University of Technology. This was a combination between University of Leiden and TU Delft; Chemistry and Process Technology. During different projects in my Bachelor I found out that I was not really interested in radiation or materials (on molecular basis) and I wanted to know more about chemical processes, so I chose the Chemical Process and Engineering specialization.


I decided to study at the University of Twente because I wanted to experience what it is like to study in a different environment with different people without going abroad. During my bachelor I have heard that the University keeps optimizing the educational quality at a high level and that the teachers and students have close contact. I went to the open days of University of Twente to meet people and to see the environment, especially the campus. The students and teachers were very helpful and gave me a warm welcome, which eventually influenced my decision to join the University of Twente.


One of the most interesting projects in which I have participated in is Process Plant Design. With a team of four students we have worked out a company case. A strict planning and tight deadlines pushed us to the limits. This course teaches you how to elaborate a major project in a structured way. It was a very good opportunity to apply your knowledge and to learn how to collaborate with company stakeholders, teachers and your team.

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