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Ole Buchholz

Ole Buchholtz studied Process Engineering in Germany. He is now studying for his Master’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, and chose for the Process Technology specialization. After he finishes his studies, he would like to start working in one of the leading Chemical Engineering companies. He’s also thinking about founding his own company in the future.

I chose this Master’s primarily because of the Process Technology specialization. With this Master’s, I can expand my knowledge in the fields of study in which I am really interested. Secondly, I wanted to pursue an international Master’s, especially in the Netherlands. The University of Twente has an international atmosphere, and a good reputation. The Dutch education system is great and it allows you to develop according to your individual strengths. 

For one course we had to design a chemical plant. We had to work in a structured way with strict planning. I was in an international team of four students. Because of the excellent supervision during this assignment and the discussions with the teaching staff, we were able to make the assignment a great success.

Compared to Germany, I like having only eight weeks of courses, which helps to assimilate course contents better than during a longer term. Also, the supervisor-student relationship is way better in the Netherlands. I have not experienced any language barrier, though I advise everyone to learn at least a bit of Dutch. It will really help you get along better with your fellow students.

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