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Why business information technology at the university of twente?

IT continues to drastically change the way we live and work. This master’s makes you an expert in IT-based business innovation, with the skills to devise new services and radically improve the way businesses work. However, IT is not a goal in itself. On this programme, you will acquire a keen insight into business processes and organisations, enabling you to apply IT to innovate and create added value.

The Master’s in Business Information Technology consistently ranks among the top three master’s in the Netherlands. You will be involved in the work of a research group that participates in the University of Twente’s world-renowned Centre for Telematics and Information Technology.

The University of Twente is the only true campus university in the Netherlands. It offers high-quality on-campus housing and excellent sporting and other recreational facilities in green and pleasant surroundings. All this is just a two-hour train journey from Amsterdam.

Right for you?

This programme is particularly well-suited to people whose interests span both IT and business administration. If you have an affinity with IT but are more interested in its practical applications and how IT can help businesses, then this is the master’s for you. Equally, if your ambitions lie in business administration and you are keen to learn how IT can enhance performance and revolutionise organisational processes, then this programme is what you are looking for.

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