Master's structure

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You have a lot of freedom in customising your Master’s in Business Information Technology.

Within this Master's, you will build your expertise within one of the two specialisations. In addition, you can tailor your Master’s with elective courses that suit your interests and ambitions. There is a large variety of electives you can choose from – you can even choose electives from related Master’s! By working towards your ideal Master’s, you get to develop your own expertise in the field of Business and IT.


I am passionate about what IT can add to people's lives. I am specifically interested in finding best practices for business management and wanted to gain a deeper understanding of architectures. Therefore, I chose:

  • Specialisation in Enterprise Architecture & IT Management
  • Electives in:
    • Investments & Risk Management
    • Managing big data
    • E-Law
    • Design of Software Architectures
    • Multi Agent Systems
    • Management and Governance of Innovation and Creativity

I find data science very interesting because, in some sense, it is like a black box: you often have no idea what the end result will be. I wanted to learn more about this dynamic field, especially in business contexts. I decided to combine my Master’s in Computer Science with the Master’s in Business Information Technology. I chose:

  • Specialisation in Data Science and Business
  • Electives in a.o.:
    • Machine Learning
    • Foundations of Information Retrieval
    • Research Experiments in Databases and Information Retrieval
    • Advanced Machine Learning
    • Service-oriented architecture with Web Services

how to design your master's 

As a student of this Master’s, you will follow six compulsory courses which provide a solid theoretical foundation in the field of Business Information Technology. What the rest of your curriculum looks like, depends on the choices you make in composing your Master’s. There are two steps in doing so:

  • Step 1 Choose a specialisation

    At the start of the programme, you need to choose a specialisation. The Master’s in Business Information Technology has two specialisations.

  • Step 2 Select electives

    Once you have chosen your specialisation, you compose a set of electives that match your interests and ambitions. You need to choose four (out of six) courses that are related to your specialisation (20 EC). Moreover, you can fill up the rest of your elective space (30 EC) with any course of the BIT programme, or even courses of other related master’s at the University of Twente, such as Computer Science, Industrial Engineering & Management or Business Administration. Alternatively, you can also add an internship of 20 EC to your elective space.

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Master's structure

During this two-year Master’s, you will collect a total of 120 EC. The six compulsory courses provide you with fundamental knowledge in business information systems. Moreover, this programme offers the perfect balance between business & IT. Both perspectives are integrated into virtually all BIT courses, with teachers representing both business and computer science. This way, you will get equipped with an in-depth understanding of both the technological and business-related implications of IT.

European Credit Transfer System

Student workload at Dutch universities is expressed in EC, also named ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), which is widely used throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, each credit represents 28 hours of work.

Master's structure

Compulsory courses for the Master's

30 EC

Enterprise Security

Empirical and Design Science Foundations

Business Process Integration Lab

Enterprise Architecture

Data Science

Business Case Development for IT-Projects

Specialisation courses

20 EC

Each specialisation consists of a set of (elective) courses. Out of these, you need to choose (at least) four electives. Find out more about the courses you can follow by first choosing a specialisation.

Elective courses

30 EC

You can choose many different electives out of a pre-approved list. You can also suggest another course. In that case, you need the permission of the Examination Board. Alternatively, you can also incorporate an internship in this free space.

Master’s thesis

40 EC

You will end your Master’s in BIT by writing your master’s thesis (30 EC). Most students complete their thesis within the industry, but you can conduct research at the university as well. You could also complete your thesis abroad. The course Research Topics BIT (10 EC) serves as a preparation for your thesis.

Total EC

120 EC

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