The University of Twente sometimes offers a pre-master’s to students transferring from related programmes at other universities or universities of applied sciences (HBO). Pre-master’s are tailor-made for each individual student, depending on the student's prior education. You must successfully complete the pre-master’s in order to be admitted to the Master’s in Business Information Technology. HBO graduates will generally take a pre-master’s of 30 credits, if they have a substantial Computer Science background or if they have a background in Business Administration or Industial Engineering. University graduates will be offered a programme of 15 or 30 credits depending on their background, if they cannot be admitted directly. You can start the pre-master’s in September. 

You must complete the pre-master's programme successfully within a limited time (two times the study load) in order to be admitted to the master’s. A pre-master’s should be seen as an opportunity for you to catch up with the prerequisites of the master’s, and for us it gives an indication of your suitability to go through to the main programme.

Read more about our pre-master's.

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