Ashiful Alam from Bangladesh

After finishing my Bachelor’s I directly started working as an IT manager. During that time I recognized that my Bachelor’s education was not enough to do my job properly. I felt the lack of knowledge that covers business and IT perspective. After searching on the internet I saw the Master’s programme in Business Information Technology at the University of Twente and thought that this would bridge my gap of knowledge between business and IT. This is what makes this programme so unique for me.

I believe that BIT has sharpened and broadened my problem solving skills. 

Added value of the Master's in Business Information Technology

The high reputation of the UT was a key factor influencing my choice to come here. Additionally, Enschede is a wonderful city. The living costs are low, the campus is beautiful and has all the necessary facilities.

My Master’s enabled me to have a business perspective while thinking of IT solutions. Before doing my Master’s I could only think of the technical perspective and didn’t know that the business perspective was that important. During the programme I learned how to solve a problem. I believe that BIT has sharpened and broadened my problem solving skills and this is really important for my job. Also, the skill to have a business perspective for IT solutions helps me to perform my duty as a bridge between customer and IT.

Customer Solutions Engineer

Currently I am working for Antaris Solutions as a Customer Solutions Engineer. Antaris Solutions develops and implements innovative solutions that turn real-time visibility into actionable information. My responsibility is to bridge between customer and developers and to convey user requirements to developers; and I am writing user stories, functional requirement specifications, acceptance test specifications, run the tests and document the test results.

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