Agung Adi Priyanto from Indonesia

I completed my Bachelor’s programme in Information Technology at the Bandaung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. Afterwards I worked for over four years in the Financial department at a private company in Indonesia. This Master’s programme combines both experiences.

Creating a business from scratch

This Master’s programme allows me to better understand my field of study. In the e-commerce course students were instructed to create a prototype of a new e-commerce business. It taught me how to create a business from scratch and what steps to follow to have a full running business eventually.

Studying in the Netherlands

A lot of Indonesian students favour the Netherlands. Since the UT is a member of 4TU I was expecting to study at one of the best technical universities in the Netherlands. Since the UT is a campus university it has a number of integrated facilities. Also, the number of international students here is quite high. This offers a great experience.

Student activism

Student activism is difficult to combine with your study, but manageable. I am the board member of the Indonesian Student Association in Enschede (PPIE). There, I learned how to work together with external organizations.

After I finish my Master’s programme I am planning to go back to Indonesia and apply for a job in the corporate strategic area. Eventually I hope I become an expert in the IT management field.

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