As a graduate in Business Information Technology, you will be perfectly suitable for a career at the interface between management and computer science. Every sector needs people who can build bridges between IT and business, and innovate businesses using IT resources. You will posses the skills to communicate and discuss with colleagues and external experts such as IT, marketing and financial specialists. You will have the know-how to make calculated decisions and to develop an implement methodical information systems from a scientific perspective. In short, making IT work for businesses will be your unique selling point.

Career prospects

IT is vital to all kinds of businesses. You could work for an IT end-user as a business operations analyst, IT manager, information architect or system tester, for example. Or for a consultancy firm or IT company as a strategy consultant, IT manager or project manager, taking part in various different projects. You might also aim for a career in research and development, or continue your studies as a PhD student. Or you may start a venture and become an entrepreneur. Your skills in IT, business, organising and innovation will give you a great head start! Did you know that, (a.k.a., and many other leading innovative e-commerce companies were started by students at our campus?

Specialisation career prospects 

Data Science & Business

As a graduate of the specialisation in Data Science & Business, you can look forward to an exciting career as a business analyst, business strategist, strategy consultant or as a researcher/developer of analysis techniques.

Enterprise Architecture & IT Management

The majority of our graduates move on to exciting careers as IT Architects, Enterprise Transformation Consultants, Enterprise Integration Specialists, Researchers/Analysts in Enterprise Modelling, IT Project Managers, IT Strategy Consultants, Social Media/E-commerce experts, and Researchers/Analysts in IT Management.

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