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Bachelor Open Days

Bachelor Open Days

Our Open Days are the very best and most enjoyable way to explore your future studies and learn more about our University and student life on our beautiful campus.

Will we see you on Friday 25 or Saturday 26 October 2024 in Enschede?

What to expect from our Open Days?

You can participate in various informative and inspiring activities. Follow one, two or three study presentations of the bachelor's that interest you, talk to students and join the campus tour to find out where you will be studying soon.

Study presentations

Technical Medicine, Psychology or Advanced Technology... Which programme do you prefer? Sign up for one or two study presentations and ask all of your questions to find out if this bachelor's suits you.

Overview bachelor's programmes
Campus Tour

Your student time will be unforgettable on our beautiful campus. You can do almost any sport or cultural activity imaginable here, from painting and beach volleyball to acting and Quidditch.

Of the 13,000 students, more than 3,000 live on campus. Curious how they live?

Join the Campus Tour to find out all the campus has to offer.

Possibilities besides your studies

At UT, we encourage you to grow personally and professionally next to your studies. Numerous activities on the campus and in Enschede are organised for and by students.

Get to know well-known examples, such as the student teams Green Team Twente and Solar Boat Twente.

Visit the Info Festival

Associations, the city of Enschede, finding accommodation... At the Info festival, you will find all fun and important information about your future student life.

You can even do a personality test to find out which studies would suit you and talk to students from different fields.

Study choice test

Still in doubt about what kind of study programme suits you best? Or do you have no clue where to start your search? From 08:30 to 11:00 you can take part in a study choice test. It could definitely help you on your way to finding the right bachelor's for you!

All you need to know when preparing for university

There's a lot to think about when starting your studies. How do you find housing? What about study finance? And what is it like to study at a university? How do you collect study credits? 

Follow the in-depth session at 12:15 and discover everything you need to know when preparing for your future life as a student!

Campus University

Our campus is 146 hectares, about 200 football fields and has as many activities to offer as a small city. The campus provides talented students, scientists and professors with a fascinating learning, working and living environment. From libraries and state-of-the-art laboratories to fitness and sports facilities. You can practice almost any sport you can imagine! Tip: join the campus tour during the Open Day and see for yourself what the campus has to offer!

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