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“Teaching students how to give shape to ideas”
Edwin Dertien, Creative Technology Lecturer

I currently teach four subjects, including Living & Working Tomorrow. In this subject, students learn how to generate new ideas and to tinker with them. We start with brainstorming sessions and some individual and group assignments to teach them how to use their own creativity. Based on client research questions, they then work on collecting all necessary information. They learn how to experiment, simulate, develop 3D visualisations and make mock-ups of ideas. This entire process is known as ideation – giving shape to ideas.

The students in this programme are people who blaze their own trail. This means that they need to have a proactive attitude in developing their personal profiles. The technology bit can be difficult at times, but it is certainly not the hardest element of the programme. You have to put a lot of energy into the development of your own skills. That is much harder if you lack a proactive attitude! Working and studying in this programme is a real challenge, an adventure both for students and lecturers. It is highly customisable and there is a lot of room for experimentation.

Personally I have always been involved in building robots - I have a background in electrical engineering - and making music. The combination of moving electronics (mechatronics) and creativity makes Creative Technology the best place for me.

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