Find out more about the structure of the programme here, as well as what to expect during your years as a student at UT. Are you curious to know what career options you will have with a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Technology? Discover your opportunities after the Bachelor’s programme.

Challenging problems, practical solutions

The Bachelor's programme in Creative Technology takes three years, with each year consisting of four modules. In each module (ten weeks), you will study a problem in a project team together with other students. All subjects within the project are interrelated, and you will be challenged to devise practical solutions.

  • YEAR 1: You will encounter disciplines such as Design, New Media, Computer Science, Smart Technology and Mathematics & Modelling. Throughout the four modules you will gain an insight into the various professional roles and themes in your future field of interest, and learn how to develop practical solutions to complex problems.
  • YEAR 2: This year will involve disciplines such as Design, Computer Science, Business, Mathematics and Modelling and is devoted to your specialization in Smart Technology or New Media.
  • YEAR 3: You will enhance your knowledge through elective courses aimed at human-technology interaction, ethics and professional conduct. Finally, you’ll complete your graduation assignment to earn your Bachelor of Science degree.

Here are some examples of recent graduation projects, just to give you an impression:

  • An interactive concept for musicians on stage: development of an interactive concept that tracks every individual musician in a performance and, based on their location and music they are making, creates visual effects as feedback for the audience to enhance the live-music experience.
  • A game that uses an interactive LED floor to assist in the rehabilitation of patients with brain damage: the game encourages patients and helps them practise and improve their locomotion.
  • A solution to measure eating habits and provide motivational feedback: a tool has been developed to measure the eating habits of the elderly and provide them with basic motivational feedback in order to ensure their wellbeing and independent quality of life.

The programme will develop your skills in research, design and management, enabling you to discover where your own strengths lie. With a Bachelor of Science degree, you will be able to enter the job market immediately or go on to take a related Master's programme.

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