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Name: Noraly Bovenmars
Bachelor’s: Creative Technology at University of Twente, Netherlands
Master’s: Communication Studies at University of Twente, Netherlands
Work: Digital Workplace advisor at Mixit, Den Haag, Netherlands

In this Bachelor's, you learn to develop creative innovations that benefit the end-user.

"With a technical study programme such as Creative Technology, it is thought that you end up in a man's world, but I didn't experience it that way! When I started this study, I felt perfectly at home. The SmartXP lab including the creative workspace, the enthusiastic fellow students and lecturers: the atmosphere is great.

Working with experts
During this programme, you learn the basics of different techniques. For example, I now know how programming works, how sensors work and how to make 3D models. By the way, you don't have to become an expert in this: it's about being able to work together with experts and this is still very useful in my current job.

“The variation in projects appeals to me. One moment you are working on an artistic assignment, the next you are following a structured approach.”
Noraly Bovenmars

During the bachelor's, challenging projects were the focus. There was no fixed solution, your interpretation was important. The variation in projects also appealed to me. One moment I was working on an artistic assignment, under the guise of 'have fun and play'! The other time, I had to follow a structured approach: make a plan, establish conditions and then build. This training has taught me to look critically at a client's question. Sometimes the problem is not the right one. You learn to investigate where the actual problem lies and what is needed to solve it.

Further study with a master's degree
I chose the Master's in Communication Science as a continuation study because I find it interesting how people with different backgrounds work together. As you can see in the picture, many disciplines have different ideas about making a swing. It is important to take all these ideas into account when coming up with a solution.

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Project Construction Cycle - the Tree Swing

During my bachelor's, I focused more on the result, while during my master I learned more about the end-user and how to market a product. A product is only successful if the user can and wants to work with it. For me, the combination of Creative Technology and Communication Science was perfect.

My job as a Digital Workplace consultant
I now work at Mixit as a Digital Workplace advisor. During the corona situation, video conferencing and digital collaboration suddenly became the norm. At Mixit we help companies to set up new or improved workplaces. In doing so, I am the link between the employees and the IT department. After all, new digital gadgets are of no use if employees don't want to or can't work with them. 

I would like to grow within the company. I think it is interesting to look into the kitchens of different companies and to learn more about how you approach certain projects. I would also like to teach companies how they can put their employees at the centre of digital changes; that seems to me to be a nice challenge for the future."

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