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YuJa the new video platform - starting October 2

As previously announced we will soon be moving to YuJa as our new video platform, this will take place from October 2. YuJa will offer all the basic tools we currently use as well.

Transition from Vimeo to YuJa

All videos uploaded to Vimeo through June 9, 2023 have been transferred to YuJa and the links in WebHare and Canvas, among others, will be replaced. Videos uploaded to Vimeo after June 9 will be transferred and their links updated as soon as possible after Oct. 2. As of October 2, it is no longer possible to upload videos to Vimeo under the University of Twente account. The videos on Vimeo will remain available until the end of November.


Videos under the ITC account on Vimeo will be transferred later this year, with corresponding link adjustments.  ITC employees will be notified separately.

Canvas integration

One of YuJa's advantages is its seamless integration with Canvas. Videos can be uploaded directly to Canvas in a specific course channel. This channel is automatically created in YuJa, containing the uploaded videos. Students with access to the course can view the videos in YuJa.

Where can I find my videos?

Starting Oct. 2, you can log into Yuja and find your videos there.

More information discover YuJa

For more extensive information and further discovery of YuJa, please visit our service portal. There you will find detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. Starting in October, training sessions will be organized for the use of YuJa within education. As soon as the dates and times of these are known they will be communicated through the news portal.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service desk ICT, who will be happy to help you further.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition period. Together we are moving forward to an improved video experience for our community!