The University of Twente is accelerating. As a university, we are embracing a bold new set of ambitions and raising the bar even higher. We are the leading entrepreneurial university. We constantly anticipate future developments and respond rapidly and effectively to the changing world around us. Our staff are experts in their field and set the agenda for public debate. Our ongoing interaction with industry, research institutes and government generates ground-breaking research and world-class innovations. We produce outstanding graduates who excel by combining expertise from a range of fields as they design solutions that meet the demands of the future, in the Netherlands and throughout the world. That is Vision 2020.


We have an outstanding track record in value creation, starting up and spinning off new businesses (with some 1,000 successful ventures to date) and giving shape to new expressions of social and industrial engagement. The core value of entrepreneurship is perfectly illustrated by the Gallery, which stimulates the spirit of enterprise at the University of Twente by providing a home for spin-offs founded by its student entrepreneurs. 


Many students and members of staff come to Twente from other countries. The university also enjoys extensive contacts with universities and firms abroad and attracts a significant share of its funding from international companies. These close international ties encourage students to complete part of their studies abroad and widen their horizons. Such international input enables them to develop into the global citizens of the future.

Societal impact

In the world of scientific research, there is always a danger that a project will be shelved on completion, with no wider significance being given to the results. The University of Twente is dedicated to making a real difference through its research and aims to ensure that its results are used to help improve and perhaps even save people’s lives.

Excellence in combinations

The University of Twente stands out among other universities by offering unique and highly successful educational programmes. It does so by leading the way in responding to the demands of society and creating relevant combinations between disciplines. The ever-evolving world of technology showers us with opportunities but also gives rise to new questions and dilemmas. By combining research areas, the University of Twente provides an effective response to these challenges and succeeds in answering the questions posed by society: High Tech Human Touch.