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bridge between research and society

To us, research is not a goal in itself: its objective is to make society more liveable. The University of Twente builts the bridge between research and society. The large amount of initiatives of our University shows the relevance we feel to bring research and daily practice closer together:

  • Studium Generale organises lectures and other activities with scientists
  • Pre-University (dutch) supports pupils from secondary schools by means of, for instance, homework counselling, masterclasses and study preparation
  • Pre-University Junior (dutch) brings the world of science and technology to the youngest children
  • crowdfunding projects (such as the "Your health, our technology" campaign), make private funds available for relevant research
  • De Jonge Akademie (dutch) (The Young Academy) gathers young talent of the University of Twente together to learn from each other and develop new initiatives