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Videoteam update: Videoteam supports ERC interviews in Studio 200

Last year, the Grants Office contacted the video team and asked them if they could help out with the European Research Council (ERC) interviews. These interviews had to be held digital, due to the corona measurements. The Grants Office was looking for a location to support them in the online WebEx sessions. For this reason, they contacted the video team to see how we could help them with our facilities.   

The video team sat down with the Grants Office and came up with a plan on how to conduct the online sessions. After the plan was made the first test sessions were held and they were successful. The candidates experienced the use of Studio 200 and the video team as relaxed and pleasant, because they did not have to worry about the technical side of their presentation but could focus 100% on the content of the presentation.   

The video team is proud to be part of the chain of people who made this possible and would like to congratulate the candidates Nienke Bosschaart, Sander Huisman, and Chris Baeumer with their Grant.  

For more information, please read the full article: The European Research Council (ERC) awarded a ‘Starting Grant’ to three UT scientists.