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Grants Office & Project Management Office

The University of Twente supports Researchers in funding acquisition and management

In light of the entire chain of the funding acquisition process, the Grants Office and Project Management Office at SBD provide grant development support, as well as project management services, respectively. 

More information on these Strategic Business Development services can be found on the UT Service Portal.

SBD-Grants Office Support Hub

To facilitate sharing of information and the possibility for exchanges with the interested community, the SBD-Grants Office created the "SBD-Grants Office Support Hub" in MS Teams. UT researchers can join this Teams by sending a short e-mail to stating "join Support Hub".

General Contact Grants Office

GrantS & Project management Teams 

Telma Esteves
Team Lead Grants Office
Maria Luisa Carosso
EU Grants Advisor
Anke Marit Albers
EU Grants Advisor
Catalin Popa
EU Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 1263
Arend Zomer
NL Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 2126
Sanne de Wit
NL Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 8856
Noortje van der Knaap
NL Grants Advisor
Jorien van Loon
Team Lead Project Management Office
+31 53 489 3748
Maren Bödding
Project Manager
Bridgette Connell
Project Manager
Marco Raaben
Project Manager
+31 53 489 6835
Gabi Maris
Project Manager
+31 53 489 9832
Magdalena Majchrowicz
Project Manager

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