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Grants Office + COVID-19 updates

The University of Twente supports Researchers in funding acquisition efforts.

Updates on the covid-19 effects on funding processes


COVID-19 update [1 April 2020]

Funding to help with the COVID-19 pandemic:

NWO makes 13 million euros available for research on corona

As announced yesterday by the Cabinet during the debate in the House of Representatives, NWO will be making 10 million euros available for research on the coronavirus, in addition to the 10 million euros that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is making available through ZonMw. How exactly NWO – in co-operation with ZonMw – will use this 10 million euros will be announced as soon as possible.

In addition, NWO will put 1.5 million euros towards targeted and urgent research on the COVID-19 virus. This commitment will complement the funding that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and (4 million euros) and ZonMw (1 million euros) have already earmarked for this purpose. NWO will also set aside 1,5 million euros for  non-medical research that is aimed to learn from the still unfolding crisis. This concerns research that necessitates the collection of data or research for which real-time data gathering will strongly contribute to the quality of the ongoing research, adapted to the actual crisis.

We expect more information from NWO/ZonMW on specific instruments end of this week start of next week. Keep an eye on the web-page!

In addition, ZonMw currently has a creative solutions call where companies and organizations that have creative solutions to overcome the problems with a shortage of supplies in hospitals, but also solutions for other practical problems that are arising in and outside of the hospital due to this pandemic. See the website of ZonMw for all information (this information is only in Dutch). 

COVID-19 update [31 March 2020]

When you are currently managing a H2020 project, the grants office would like to advise you to do risk inventory on your project to help you decide which actions to take. On this page we have listed a course of action that you can follow you can follow. If you have additional questions, or if you want to talk to a Project Manager, feel free to contact Grants Office or look at the FAQ (keyword: COVID-19) of the European Commission.

For project management questions on running NWO projects, please also follow the inventory and contact the project manager of NWO to ask for possible options to delay the project. Also if you have noticed a problem with one of your co-funders, please inform NWO. At the moment all final and mid-term assessments have been delayed by three months. If you have additional questions please contact the grants office. 

COVID-19 update [27 march 2020]

Usefull tool from NWO is the online calendar. On the EC side, the Funding & tenders Portal has released a European Research Area (ERA) Corona Platform, to follow disruptions. All canceled or delayed calls (with new deadlines), as well as events and specific disruptions, are listed in these sites. 

COVID-19 update [20 March 2020] 

The EU and many national research funding organizations (NWO, ZonMw) are adopting ‘flexible approaches’ to accommodate to the new coronavirus disruptions, as many applicants and grantees struggle to progress with work and meet deadlines. For researchers this means delays in deadlines, shifts of entire funding programmes or postponements in publications of results. The different funding organisations do act diverse in their approaches and timelines. Therefore we advise you to keep a close eye on the news bulletins that are given on the specific corona measures. For those who have started the submission process or are currently in an application round, only the deadline shifts that are officially communicated to you personally by the funding organisation are valid. If you have any questions, please contact the grant office or contact the relevant programme manager for more information.


One of SBD's main goals is to make the UT's funding acquisition efforts more efficient and increase the university's chances of success. In light of the entire chain of the funding acquisition process, the Grants Office provides strategic advice and support in developing a grant proposal, applying in different funding schemes and managing granted projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more up-to-date information and personalized advice.

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