The University of Twente supports Researchers in funding acquisition efforts.

One of SBD's main goals is to make the UT's funding acquisition efforts more efficient and increase the university's chances of success. In light of the entire chain of the funding acquisition process, the Grants Office provides strategic advice and support in developing a grant proposal, applying in different funding schemes and managing granted projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more up-to-date information and personalized advice.

General Contact
Grants Office

GrantS Support Team 

Rolf Vermeij
Strategy & Policy Advisor, EU Liason
Telma Esteves
EU Grants Advisor
Maria Luisa Carosso
EU Grants Advisor
Arend Zomer
NL Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 2126
Sanne de Wit
NL Grants Advisor
+31 53 489 8856
Noortje van der Knaap
NL Grants Advisor
Jorien van Loon
Project Manager
+31 53 489 3748
Maren Bödding
Project Manager
Bridgette Connell
Project Manager
Marco Raaben
Project Manager
+31 53 489 6835

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